This formals session, sometimes called a first look or bridals session, was the sweetest. I had met Jessica prior to this session, but not Xander. When he saw Jessica in her dress at this session, he was completely speechless. It was the cutest thing. I totally thought that he was just a typically quiet guy but Jessica kept laughing and saying “I’ve never seen him like this! He usually is really talkative!” Love does that to you, friends. And let me tell you from experience, guys become smitten little kittens when they finally see you in your wedding dress.

Also, these photos are kind of historic now. Just a couple of months later, Thanksgiving Point installed a permanent white tent in front of this location, so some of the pretty arch shots are no longer doable. So sad!

xanderjessica-1Pin SITE IMAGE________xanderjessica-4Pin SITE IMAGE________xanderjessica-6Pin SITE IMAGE________xanderjessica-8Pin SITE IMAGE________xanderjessica-12Pin SITE IMAGE________xanderjessica-13Pin SITE IMAGE________xanderjessica-17Pin SITE IMAGE________xanderjessica-21Pin SITE IMAGE________xanderjessica-24Pin SITE IMAGE________xanderjessica-26Pin SITE IMAGE________xanderjessica-41Pin SITE IMAGE________xanderjessica-50Pin SITE IMAGE________xanderjessica-52Pin SITE IMAGE________xanderjessica-59Pin SITE IMAGE________xanderjessica-56Pin SITE IMAGE________xanderjessica-61Pin SITE IMAGE________xanderjessica-66Pin SITE IMAGE________

Pin SITE IMAGE________xanderjessica-71Pin SITE IMAGE________xanderjessica-74Pin SITE IMAGE________


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Brady and Gracie got hitched! Easily one of my favorite couples, these two were constantly cracking the best jokes and spreading contagious laughter to everyone around them. They were married in the Salt Lake Temple in March and had their reception at the beautiful Quiet Meadows Farm in Utah. See their day below:

bradygraciewedding-101Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-2Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-28Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-31Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-33Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-42Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-58Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-67Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-79Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-37Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-45Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-73Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-36Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-100Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-105Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-106Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-110Pin SITE IMAGE________

bradygraciewedding-134Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-279Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-140Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-130Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-131Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-170Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-109Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-139Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-180Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-184Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-185Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-196Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-218Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-203Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-208Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-234Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-231Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-238Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-243Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-251Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-254Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-256Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-263Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-258Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-270Pin SITE IMAGE________bradygraciewedding-282Pin SITE IMAGE________

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jakesilverwedding-1Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-3Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-4Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-12Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-26Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-48Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-51Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-65Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-67Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-69Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-7Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-85Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-97Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-99Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-101Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-110Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-111Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-112Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-117Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-145Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-189Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-194Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-208Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-248Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-260Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-261Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-264Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-289Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-315Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-325Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-323Pin SITE IMAGE________
jakesilverwedding-330Pin SITE IMAGE________jakesilverwedding-329Pin SITE IMAGE________

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As a Utah wedding photographer, I love having close access to the mountains and other gorgeous locations. There’s just SO much variety in Utah for photography. I love it! These two wanted a green/forest type look. I thought I knew the perfect location—all we needed to do was take a short hike. So we all, plus Jesse’s trooper of a sister, got our all our clothes and gear in hand and embarked on this supposedly short, happy little hike. About A MILE AND A HALF LATER, with no end in sight to bare, dead trees, I decided we should go back to my usual safe location. We were all sweating and huffing and puffing like crazy when we stopped at this spot for a breather and McCall, being the genius that she is, said “This spot is pretty!” I looked around and sure enough, awesomeness. Adding these two into the picture? Breathtaking.

utahweddingphotographerPin SITE IMAGE________jessemccall-6Pin SITE IMAGE________jessemccall-19Pin SITE IMAGE________jessemccall-20Pin SITE IMAGE________jessemccall-22Pin SITE IMAGE________jessemccall-34Pin SITE IMAGE________jessemccall-53Pin SITE IMAGE________jessemccall-61Pin SITE IMAGE________jessemccall-65Pin SITE IMAGE________jessemccall-77Pin SITE IMAGE________utahweddingphotographer_1Pin SITE IMAGE________

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As a Utah wedding photographer, one of the best things I’ve done was attend D’Arcy Benincosa’s The Path workshop in Salt Lake City. I’ve long admired D’Arcy’s work and was thrilled to be learning from her. It was just the refresher and boost I needed. I still have lots of work to do, like rereading the HUGE workbook that D’Arcy wrote for us. She asked some deep questions of us. Sometimes I feel like it’s so hard to make it as a Utah wedding photographer. There have been many statistics showing that Utah pays, on average, quite a bit less for wedding services. It can be discouraging at times. However, I also believe that there is always success to be had. It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are. The right mindset and hard work have always been the keys to overcoming any odds. My biggest takeaway is that if we want to be successful, we first need to have the right attitude and mindset. We can’t just implement certain steps and expect everything to work. If we’re not in the right mindset, we won’t recognize success, even if it comes smacking us upside the head. I can’t wait to start implementing the personal and professional changes that D’Arcy inspired us to make.

The second day of the workshop was this wonderful styled shoot and I have to say—the creative team REALLY outdid themselves. I loved the muted, monochromatic color scheme and the soft, flowing textures and movement of the dresses, florals, and fabrics. Speaking of florals, they were such visually interesting pieces. There were blooms that I’d never even seen before, which is saying a lot as a Utah wedding photographer, considering all of the wonderful talent we have here! And that spoon! I’m obsessed.


Utah wedding photographer table setup and menuPin SITE IMAGE________pathworkshop-18Pin SITE IMAGE________pathworkshop-8Pin SITE IMAGE________pathworkshop-47Pin SITE IMAGE________pathworkshop-31Pin SITE IMAGE________pathworkshop-53Pin SITE IMAGE________pathworkshop-45Pin SITE IMAGE________pathworkshop-39Pin SITE IMAGE________pathworkshop-43Pin SITE IMAGE________pathworkshop-26Pin SITE IMAGE________pathworkshop-16Pin SITE IMAGE________pathworkshop-51Pin SITE IMAGE________pathworkshop-41Pin SITE IMAGE________pathworkshop-7Pin SITE IMAGE________pathworkshop-4Pin SITE IMAGE________pathworkshop-5Pin SITE IMAGE________pathworkshop-30Pin SITE IMAGE________pathworkshop-1Pin SITE IMAGE________pathworkshop-25Pin SITE IMAGE________pathworkshop-23Pin SITE IMAGE________pathworkshop-15Pin SITE IMAGE________pathworkshop-2Pin SITE IMAGE________pathworkshop-17Pin SITE IMAGE________pathworkshop-13Pin SITE IMAGE________pathworkshop-46Pin SITE IMAGE________


Vendors | Utah Wedding Photographer

Hosting Photographer: D’Arcy Benincosa

Styling: Gatherist

Florals: Sarah Winward

Dresses: Leanne Marshall

Beauty: Bella Cosa Beauty

Cake: Pippa Cakery

Calligraphy: Plume Calligraphy

Rings: The Land of Salt

Ribbon: Silk & Willow

Linens: La Tavola Linens


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