The Experience

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I can create art all day long, but in the end, it’s my clients who matter most. You are the reason I’m able to do what I love and, in my book, that deserves gold star treatment. From the moment you contact me until long after you’ve received your artwork, expect to feel pampered with customized service and attention. My goal is to not just provide you with imagery that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life, it’s also to help you intensify your current joy, whether that’s getting married, having a baby, celebrating an anniversary, or just taking some “me time”.

I don’t take shortcuts in my business or photographic processes. Quality will always be top priority, whether we’re talking about the final products you receive or the equipment I use to create them. Communication is prompt and ongoing, making sure we’re always on the same page and that all your questions are answered along the way. Sessions are designed to be relaxed and enjoyable and that positivity shows in your images.

I offer a full-service photography experience to my clients. When you invest in photography, you’re not just paying the sitting fee and sitting back to relax. Suddenly you’re worried about what you’re going to wear and how you’ll do your hair and makeup. You may have a specific type of location in mind or, at least, a few specific shots you hope to get. You’re investing a lot of time and money into this process. The reward will be a collection of beautiful imagery of you, your family, or other loved ones. The last thing you want to do with all of this time, money, and effort that you’ve put in is to load your images onto your computer and leave them there, only to make intermittent appearances on social media.

The other option is to display your images where you and others will see them regularly. This is one of the ways that I help you to intensify the joy surrounding your special time in your life. Imagine how you’ll feel as you pass through your living room each day and see a large canvas of your child, his twinkling eyes and crooked little smile looking back at you. Photos are meant to be seen and enjoyed. Whether that means a coffee table album, an expertly curated wall collage, or a handful of prints for relatives, a full service photography experience gives you and everyone else a way to appreciate and enhance the beauty of your life.