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For several years after setting up the first UK-made digital computer at the Statistical Institute, our country ran slow on its wheels in leveraging the benefits of the technology epoch. But the synopsis has reformed. Being in a commanding position, India is now hosting the nth paradigm shift of technology across the industries, from big data to bulk data and Internet of Things to Internet of Everything. Especially at workplaces, India has already surpassed Singapore, one of Asia’s most digitally advanced nations in terms of adoption of technology and also the automation of daily tasks. Even MSMEs that are generally considered as slow adopters of technology, are seamlessly harnessing the best might of technologies today. In fact, India is expected to witness gargantuan investments in technologies such as cyber security, Internet of Things, multi-cloud environment and AI in the next one to three years. Undoubtedly, our country has taken multiple digital leaps so far, while it is all geared-up to take many more! Mallorreneephoto’s story is intrinsically the story of this modern technology revolution in India.

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